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5 tips for the new pitbull owner

Deciding to buy or adopt a pet is a big step to give, but one that surely you won’t regret. For most people, the decision is between cats and dogs, since these are the most commonly accepted animals to keep as pets all over the world and under any living arrangements. However, this reduced scope doesn’t make the decision any easier, since once the owner has chosen to get a dog, for example, they still need to make their pick among many different breeds. One of the most popular yet controversial breeds is the pitbull. You may know them for their bad rep, but they are actually quite tame and will make wonderful pets. Here are 5 pieces of general advice for new pitbull owners.

Train them while they’re young

Training a pitbull while it is still a puppy is just good advice in general and it works for any dog breed. There is, after all, some truth to the saying that says old dogs can’t learn new tricks. It is much easier and more manageable to teach your pittie proper behavior and discipline, while also making them learn new tricks when they are still growing.

Mind their weight

Named after their resemblance with bulls, all that body muscle can quickly turn into fat if you are not careful with your pitbull’s diet. You need to pay attention to what you feed your dog from the very early stages up until it’s an adult. Consult with a veterinary what would be the best food to give them, and check some reviews of recommended food for pitbull puppies by Pitbull Lovers here.

Teach them how to walk

One part of training that many dog owners neglect regardless of what breed they own is walking. Making sure that your dog knows how to walk alongside you in a proper manner is essential to keeping control over them at all times. Incorporate leash walking to their training routines so you are able to relax more when taking your pit out for a walk, there is nothing quite like knowing your dog is aware of boundaries and actively respects them.

Socialize with other dogs

Despite the image people have of them as merciless fighters and aggressive animals, pitbuls can be one of the most mellow and goofy dog breeds you can ever have the pleasure to meet. Some members of the pitbull family are straight up too cute to handle! The secret to keeping them friendly and healthy is exposing them to other dogs from an early age, this will help them become much more open and manageable in presence of other dogs.

Lead by example with your pittie

Finally, you want your pitbull to be the complete opposite of the stereotype, so as a new pittie owner, don’t fall into the practices that gave the breed a bad rep in the first place. Pitbulls are tough on their own, there is no need to highlight those qualities in any way or train them to be aggressive on purpose. Show the world that there is more to these beautiful, friendly dogs than what some people made them do in the past.

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