Choosing the Right Kind of Laundry Detergent

Laundry detergent for washing is an indispensable tool for removing stains and returning their original appearance to things. Today, in hardware stores you can find a great variety of different powders at a wide variety of prices, from suspiciously cheap to overly expensive. Often changes and composition, and recommendations on the package. In this regard, the housewives have a question – the better to wash your clothes so that it does not deteriorate in the process? It is very important to give an answer to the question of which washing powders are better, because a remedy that is not right will not only give a positive effect, but may also be harmful.

What to look for when choosing?

You do not know what powder is better to wash in the machine and always think when choosing? Then, before you buy a laundry detergent, pay attention to the following parameters:

The degree of safety for health. This parameter is of particular importance when choosing a powder for washing delicate and children’s clothes. Substances in laundry detergent must fully comply with established and generally accepted safety rules in Russia. The problem is that low-quality powders can cause great discomfort even after some time after washing even while wearing – this is manifested in the form of itching and allergic reactions, as well as severe redness of the skin.


If the product is very expensive, it does not mean that you have the best laundry detergent before you. Perhaps the high price is justified more by brand awareness than by properties and characteristics. Do not choose the means only for the cost – always compare it with other important parameters of the powder.


Obviously, it is better to buy good laundry detergent from brands that have been tested and are popular in the market among consumers, such examples can be found on the reviews. Buying powder from an unknown manufacturer can lead to damage of things and even health.

To choose the best powder for washing the machine, do not buy the first washing powder in your hand in order to save time. Spend a little more time to choose only once, so that later you have a good idea of ​​what means you need.

The composition of washing powders

To understand which powder is better to wash, you need to familiarize yourself with the composition of the product. As a rule, the composition of the majority of modern powders for washing practically does not differ between different brands and includes the following necessary components:

Surfactants – surfactants that play the role of soap and form the basis of washing powder, without which it is not able to cope with contaminated clothing.

Dyes needed to give the powder a certain color shade.

Bleaches that help make white things brighter during washing in the machine.

Flavors, giving washed linen and clothes a pleasant smell of freshness.

Additional substances, phosphates, enhancing the action of the active components.

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