KRUPS EA8442 Falcon Automatic Cappuccino and Espresso Machine

With the recent need for people to automate almost everything in their lives , there has been a rise in the need to create and update the machines involved in every piece of art. Cappuccino machines are becoming famous and an essential part of peoples lives especially for those who live in big towns and cities where the traditional methods are becoming extinct with time.The KRUPS EA8442 Falcon automatic Cappuccino and Espresso Machine comes in as a must have and on time for everyone who enjoys smooth and sweet tea or coffee.Lets see what this magic machine brings. The product comes from a trusted maker in France who has passion, precision and perfection in their mind from 1846.

KRUPS has set the standards in coffee grinding machines and mixers and the company has grown over the years to be a giant in the coffee and drinks industry; The KRUPS EA844 is a fully automatic espresso machine which comes with a latte tray and a metallic conical burr grinder with a manual knob for adjustment of the grind size.When full it will hold up to 1.7ltres of content which is just ideal for the family.IT measures 15 x 11.3 x 19 inches and weighs 29.2 pounds.

The product comes with a powerful thermo-block system(patented) with a 15 bar high pressure pump which eases its use.The integrated burr grinder will give the user a variety of the best drinks ranging from ristretto, long coffee and espresso all in a single simple step.Isnt this a good bargain? It also has a removable ground-coffee collector to handle your grounded coffee and a water tank for you drink.

. This item features a TFT color display and touch screen for that easy setup,operation and control.It is also flexible with the automatic ground coffee measuring system for setting your preferences. One can regulate the variety of hot beverages and make gourmet milk-based espresso, cappuccino or latte with the Auto-Cappuccino accessory.With the full automatic steam nozzle, one can enjoy a convenient milk frothing of their favorite cappuccino or latte if they like.

The outlet is also adjustable to accommodate different cup sizes.See,it suits everyone.Further one is provided with additional accessories to reduce the burden of cleaning and difficulty in operation. These are the F088 water filter, an XS3000 cleaning tablets ,an F054 descaling powder and an XS9000 liquid cleaner.

It is true that the KRUPS EA8442 is an ideal machine built with high quality and durable material.This makes it a high performer, versatile and an easy to clean machine that will always keep your coffee fresh.

One can order for a KRUPS EA8442 “one drink at a time” from AMAZON from $699 and a few $19 more for shipping. The shipping price may vary with your locale.There is also a two in one variant which sells at 808.18 only. Unfortunately for the KRUPS EA8442, the only available color at the moment is black. Moreover, the single available type is the 110v which will restrict the use in America and not Europe unless one makes a specific order for one.The KRUPS EA8442 will require regular cleaning on using oily beans which might sound a little tedious .KRUPS has also produced a newer brand EA 8808 which might be wise to look into but the 8442 is just good enough to keep you going.

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