Do men believe in love at first sight?

So much has been said about love. This feeling goes along way back to the first man on earth. It is true that it is the best feeling one could ever have and you have probably been in love at least once in your lifetime and can relate to the feeling of love. The only difference is that each individual has a different experience from another when it comes to love.

Falling in love occurs in different ways. For some, they will take a long time before they realize they actually love you while for others love happens during the first visual contact with someone else. At times falling in love does not have to be complicated and will happen during the first glance of that person. People who have fallen in love at first sight explain the feeling as breathe taking. Some signs that will point out you are in love with a person the moment you lay your eyes on them include;

love-at-first-sightA tingling feeling. You will probably feel a tingling sensation all over your body the moment you are in the same space with them. Their presence alone will make you feel love all of a sudden.

You will get emotional and will probably feel you have known this person for so long even after being in the same room for only five minutes.

You feel like saying I love you to this person. The urge to tell that person that you love them the moment you lay your eyes on them becomes overwhelming.

You start to worry about that person in the first few hours after you meet them. You become preoccupied with the safety of this person all of a sudden.

You don’t feel any uncertainty or fear that is mostly associated with previous relationships.

A feeling of respect, investment and trust towards that person becomes mutual. The feeling of wanting the relationship to work becomes overwhelming when you fall in love at first sight.

Love at first sight can be completely overwhelming because not even you can explain what is really happening. You will just find yourself doing things and feeling things that you would normally not do or feel yet you cannot give an explanation as to what exactly is happening.

When you feel attracted to someone, you may want to know whether the feeling is mutual. Women share a lot with their friends and this can help them know very easily if a man likes them. But it is quite a challenge for a man.

How does a man get to know if a woman likes him? When a woman likes a man;

  1. They will always find a reason to be around the man
  2. They will show signs of shyness when around him.
  3. They will tend to give favors to the man.
  4. They will always find a way to be around the man.
  5. Bumping into the man may seem an often coincidence

These are clear signs that a woman likes you. It is now up to you as the man to reciprocate the feeling or let her down easily if the feeling is not mutual.

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